Anupama Written Update Episode 11 November 2022: Devika Foils Barkha’s Plans

Anupama Written Update Episode 11 November 2022: Pakhi tries to emotionally blackmail Kapadia. She tells Anuj that Anupama wouldn’t understand how important a wedding outfit is for a girl and questions Adhik and Ankush if they would wear a simple kurta at their wedding. She asks if her papa is angry with her does mean she cannot fulfill her wishes. Anupama says if papa’s name doesn’t work, she can take Baa’s name and Bapuji’s wishes or even threaten and try her best to emotionally blackmail them. Pakhi says she is not emotionally blackmailing them. Anupama asks them what is she doing, she can inform them when she remembers it.

She says she can wear a lehenga during the wedding but should wear her gifted paint during the ritual. Ankush assures her that Pakhi will wear it. Anuj tells Little Anu that they are going now and would return soon. Anupama says they would visit the temple on the way to pray for Adhik and Pakhi. Barkha smirks seeing the drama. Ankush asks what happened to her. Barkha says she is enjoying it and says she is going wedding shopping. Ankush says he will accompany her. She says she will go alone and thinks she will do whatever she is thinking. She visits Shahs and apologizes to Leela for overreacting. Leela stands surprised.

Barkha says she had a problem with them and this wedding earlier but now doesn’t. Jignesh jokes. Barkha says she is genuinely very happy that Pakhi came into Adhik’s life and reformed him completely. Samar comments Pakhi herself is a spoilt brat, who forgets to reform others. Anupama with Anuj, Pakhi, and Adhik enters and is surprised to see Barkha there. Pakhi looks at Vanraj and recalls him disowning her. Anupama tells Barkha that she would have accompanied them if she was coming here. Barkha says she realized her mistake and came to apologize to Shahs. Kinjal gets happy seeing Anupama and hugs her.

Anupama Written Update Episode 11 November 2022

Anupama Written Update Episode 11 November 2022

Leela asks Barkha what made her realize her mistake. Barkha says she made a very good wedding plan for Pakhi and Adhik’s wedding. Leela asks to explain then. Barkha says she selected Ahmedabad’s best wedding venues, the best wedding planner, and the best wedding lehenga for Pakhi. She gets excited seeing the lehenga design. Barkha says whether someone fulfills her dreams or not, she will fulfill all her dreams. Pakhi says it looks very expensive. Barkha says it’s worth 22 lakhs, but her designer friend is offering it for 20 lakhs rs for Pakhi. Leela is shocked and asks if there are diamonds studded in this lehenga. Pakhi says its a designer lehanga.

Leela asks if the designer will wash utensils at her house his whole life and finds faults in the lehenga. She asks Barkha if she paid 20 lakhs from her husband or Anuj’s account. Barkha looks at Adhik. Leela says she will get a better lehenga from a local designer for 15000 rs. Barkha asks what problem she has when it’s not her money and Anuj is paying for it. Leela says she is burning Anuj’s money. Barkha says the money was dying for money and now Leela is, doesn’t she value happiness? Leela asks when she doesn’t value money, then she should wear a cotton sari for her wedding and marry her selected boy. Samar asks Leela to forget it as Pakhi is senseless.

Pakhi warns him to shut up. Ankush asks Pakhi to calm down. Pakhi says Leela has a problem with her. Kavya says Leela has a problem with costly lehenga and not her. Pakhi asks why she wore whatever she wanted to during her wedding, and why is he stopping her. Kavya says she chose whatever was available in the resort. Kinjal says they can’t afford it. Pakhi asks what problem they have if the groom’s family is affording it. Kavya says the groom’s sister just chose it and Anuj has to pay for it. Pakhi says Anuj doesn’t have any problem. Samar says Anuj’s wife has, so Pakhi should cancel this lehenga. Pakhi gets adamant to wear only that lehenga.

Anupama Written Update Episode 11 November 2022

Barkha says they should let Pakhi fulfill her wish and tells Adhik that she chose a matching sherwani for him. Leela asks if Anuj has to sell his house to buy that costly sherwani. Adhik says he doesn’t need it and wants a simple wedding. Pakhi pleads with Anuj to get her that lehenga. Anupama stops her. Barkha says she selected a prewedding venue, makeup artist, designer, choreographer, etc., as it’s the Kapadia family wedding. Leela says there is no need for that. Barkha asks what is the problem with it. Barkha asks Vanraj if he has any problem. Vanraj says he is not interested in this wedding at all. Barkha then her plan is final. Leela says they won’t accept it. Barkha asks why.

Devika enters and says Barkha’s plan is overly expensive and mindless. She meets everyone. Barkha asks who is she. Leela says she is her Chachi in chantpana. Devika thanks them and kisses her cheek. Anuj introduces Devika to Barkha. Devika tells Barkha that her plan is very stupid, why do they need a choreographer when there are Samar and Anuj, she will handle all the wedding planning. Barkha says it’s not a jagrata event. Devika asks her to google Devika Events. Barkha says she finalized everything and her wedding setup is 50 lakhs. Devika checks it and shows her an almost similar setup for just 4 lakhs.

Adhik asks Barkha why are they spending 50 lakhs for a 4 lakhs setup. Devika says it’s cool then, let’s start as they have sangeet tomorrow. Barkha stands frowning. Anupama hugs and thanks Devika for coming at a short notice on her request. Devika says Pakhi is their niece and if they had slapped her in childhood, she wouldn’t have been so spoilt now. She asks her not to worry about the wedding as she will manage it under budget. Anuj walks to them and thanks Devika for agreeing to organize the event at such short notice. Devika says he should keep his sorry to himself and first handle scandalous Barkha, he should kick her out of the house and teach her a lesson.

Anupama Written Update Episode 11 November 2022

Anuj says he can’t do that. Anupama asks if she will kick Pakhi out of the house seeing her arrogance. Pakhi says she will punish her but not kick her out of the house as she is a family. Anupama walks to Pakhi and assures her that they would perform her wedding in a proper way. Anuj says let us go now as they have a lot of work to finish. Devika says bye to frowning Barkha. Pakhi tries to speak to Vanraj, but he walks away. Back home, Anupama tells Barkha that 20 lakhs is a huge amount, and both families need to manage everything equally during the wedding. Anuj says he and Anupama would have spent lavishly during their wedding, but they kept it simple.

Anupama says they got even Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding in a simple way, though Rakhi had a lot of money. Anuj says they had common sense along with dreams. Anupama gives a long speech on how a middle-class family notes down even gifts to return a similar gift to the giver. Barkha says she remembers lecturing and taunting but not Pakhi’s dreams. Ankush says Barkha doesn’t remember herself who was against Pakhi and her marriage with Adhik, now she suddenly is worried about Pakhi’s dreams. Kavya admires Anupama’s designed planetary in front of Leela. Devika joins them. Leela thanked her for her support.

Anuj gets romantic with Anupama and recites a Shayari for her. He goes to check on Little Anu. Anupama thinks Little Anu is a kid but acts mature, but Pakhi doesn’t. Samar teaches dance to Shahs. Toshu asks Kinjal to give Pari to her and enjoy the choreography and whole wedding. Shahs enjoy dancing to Gud Naal Ishq Meetha.. song. Pakhi records their video and misses Vanraj. Kavya walks to Vanraj and says he is angry now and doesn’t want to attend the function, but when his anger calms down, he wants to attend the function, but nobody would call him; he should forget his anger and enjoy the functions; she will wait for him outside. Pakhi cries standing outside Vanraj’s room.

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