Anupama Written Episode Update 5th November 2022: Anupama Convinces Vanraj To Perform Pakhi’s Kanyadaan

Anupama Written Episode Update 5th November 2022: Hasmukh tells the family that it’s good that Vanraj agreed to Pakhi and Adhik’s wedding. Leela says there is an auspicious muhurta for a few days, she will get it confirmed via Panditji. Hasmukh tells Anupama that as a mother, she would have thought a lot for her daughter’s wedding. Anupama says she has, but right now she wants her daughter’s farewell to happen with due respect. Vanraj walks away. Anuj sigals Anupama to go and comfort him. anupama walks to Vanraj and says even though she is angry and in pain, but loves her daughter; as a father his anger is valid, but later he will regret it when his anger calms down and he won’t be getting a chance of performing kanyadaan.

Hasmukh and Leela thank Anuj for thinking of performing Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage in a proper way. Anuj hopes Vanraj agrees to perform kanyadaan. Hasmukh says a mother’s heart melts easily, but a father takes time. Anuj says he is right, he can perform all the rituals, but he doesn’t want to take over another father and snatch his rights; he hopes Vanraj agrees. Anupama explains to Vanraj that children may leave them, but they can’t leave their children forever; Pakhi made a mistake, and they should make sure that she doesn’t make further mistakes, study further and try to become independent. Vanraj says he was with Pakhi, even then she made a mistake and humiliated him in front of everyone. Anupama says children learn from their parents; their children saw a lot, the father’s infidelity and affair, the parent’s divorce, the father’s remarriage, the mother’s remarriage, etc.; even she failed as a mother and should have given time for her daughter.

Anupama Written Episode Update 5th November 2022

Vanraj asks if she thinks Adhik is right of Pakhi and wouldn’t hurt or betray her in the future, he is sure Adhik will. Anupama says nobody can be sure, they will get betrayal if it’s written in their fate, and she can do nothing. Adhik notices Pakhi tensed and tries to calm her down. Pakhi asks if he thinks Vanraj will agree. Adhik hopes so. Pakhi says she had dreamt a lot about her wedding, her dresses, her makeup, etc., him bringing baraat, etc.; she wants their wedding a proper way with him bringing baraat to her house. Adhik says even he wants the same and hopes Vanraj agrees. Anupama says if he doesn’t perform kanyadaan, he would regret his whole life; it would be good if Pakhi’s doll/palanquin leaves Shah’s house with Vanraj’s blessings. She asks if he will show Pakhi that her papa and maika would always be with her, will he come. Vanraj walks away from there. Anupama prays to god to give some conscience to Vanraj.

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Anupama and Anuj return home. Ankush asks what did Shahs decide. Anupama says Shahs agreed for wedding. Pakhi happily hugs her and asks if Vanraj forgave her. Anuj asks her to have patience as it takes time for a wound to heal, she should give some time for things to normalize. Barkha thinks about how did Vanraj agree when he bursts into anger for silly reasons. Adhik thanks Anuj and Anupaama for their help. Pakhi promises not to do anything wrong in the future. Anupama asks her not to promise things that she can’t, she should just say that she will try not to make any mistakes in the future. Anuj serves sweets and says lets celebrate. Barkha fumes. Ankush asks if they selected a muhurta. Anupama says Baa said this week is inauspicious, she will get muhurta via panditji. Ankush says they should make preparations then. Anupama recalls Vanraj denying to participation in Pakhi’s wedding and Barkha cursing Pakhi and Adhik.

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Hasmukh and Leela return home after fixing the wedding muhurta. Jignesh jokes. Kavya, Samar, and Toshu excitedly plan to make all the wedding arrangements. Leela praises Anupama and Anuj for thinking about Pakhi and Adhik’s wedding in a proper way. Kavya hopes Vanraj agrees for kanyadaan. Hasmukh says a father takes time to melt down and says Vanraj surely will. Anupama sits tensed regarding the wedding. Anuj joins her and asks if she is worried about her daughter’s wedding. Anupama hopes Vanraj and Barkha agree to participate in the wedding soon. Anuj says Vanraj agreed somehow to attend a wedding and hopes Barkha also soon agrees. Barkha overhears them and thinks she will not agree and pave a way for her destruction. Samar and Toshu get emotional thinking about their sister’s wedding.

Anupama does her college homework and asks Little Anu to spell a word. Little Anu spells entrepreneur. Anupama asks about its meaning. Little Anu says she doesn’t know. Adhik helps Anupama. Pakhi smiles seeing that. Anuj tells her that everything will be fine soon.


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