Anupama Written Episode Update 30th October 2022: Vanraj ejects Pakhi from the Shah house.

Anupama Written Episode Update 30th October 2022: Anuj blames Adhik for failing them all and becomes enraged. He claims that despite what he did, they still gave him a chance and promised to convince Vanraj of his and Pakhi’s union. Adhik claims to have, but. Anuj tells him to stop talking. Why didn’t Pakhi consider her family before being married? People develop in love, but she sunk so low, says Kavya, calling Pakhi a rude, foolish, and selfish person from the start. According to Samar, if she had any remorse at all, she wouldn’t have done it. Both Pakhi and Adhik, according to Ankush, lack conscience. Anupama is correct that the current generation makes snap judgments because of quick noodles.

Anupama Written Episode Update 30th October 2022

Both of them, according to Anupama, were eager and couldn’t wait a day. If they hadn’t been married for a day, Leela wonders if they could have got married. If they have considered what they would do if their families reject their marriage, Kavya wonders. Pakhi questions why they wouldn’t accept it given that they have sufficient video footage. Where would they remain if their relatives refuse to let them inside their homes, wonders Kavya? Adhik apologizes to Anuj for getting married without asking permission; their love is sincere. According to Pakhi, their intentions are good. Without a place to stay, Leela wonders where they would have gone. They inquire as if they are being kind to everyone.

Anupama Written Update.

According to Adhik, they made this choice for their protection because they were concerned that elders would split them up. According to Hasmukh, they do not do this and instead have a bodyguard for protection. Samar claims they didn’t go back home for their family, but rather out of greed. Adhik claims that is not how it is. He claims that Anuj is a friend, philosopher, father figure, and guide and that he should understand their love; but, because of fear, he committed this severe action. Anuj is informed by Pakhi that even he loved Anupama and that he should understand their love. Adhik claims that if someone had tried to steal his love, he would have broken bones, but they had just been married.

Anupama Today’s Written Episode 30th October 2022

Next, Pakhi approaches Vanraj and says that everyone makes mistakes, including herself; if Toshu can be forgiven for his error and his father can, why can’t he forgive her? Vanraj just sits idly. According to Pakhi, who also needs her family’s affection, Vanraj has already granted all of her wishes, so he should do the same for this one as well as bless her and Adhik. Vanraj departs from that point. Adhik is questioned by Ankush about what would have gone wrong if he had delayed a day. Anupama said they are unaware of the severe repercussions their poor choice would bring about. Walking to his chamber, Vanraj sulks as he remembers Pakhi and Adhik wearing garlands.

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Leela and other people continue to criticize Pakhi. Kaya is asked by Hasmukh to go check on Vanraj. Vanraj is now in a separate zone, thus Kavya claims she is unable to. Anupama is asked to obtain some painkillers from Anuj since he has a headache. Anupama provides Leela with medicine and fetches him some pain medication. Ankush promises Anupama he would go home and let Barkha know about the situation. Someone should check on Vanraj, says Leela. Since they are both Pakhi’s parents, Anuj advises Anupama to visit Vanraj and see how he is doing. Kavya travels with Anupama. In a fit of panic, Vanraj puts Pakhi’s belongings in suitcases, remembering how Pakhi demanded he acquires each item. Kavya and Anupama attempt to calm him.

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According to Vanraj, his daughter did not have her doll’s marriage without her father, and she has since Wed without him. Everyone is shocked as he carries Pakhi’s things and throws them outside. Leela queries why he stirs up controversy. According to Vanrfaj, one who has become a drama cannot produce drama. He claims to have heard that daughters are a Laxmi and a gift from God, but now he understood that not all daughters are like way, especially his own. Adhik walks outside and waits. A daughter cannot remain in her maika after marriage; Pakhi’s belongings and her husband are outside, and even she should go, says Vanraj, recalling his affection for Pakhi and explaining that as a parent he would neither curse nor bless her.

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