Anupama Written Episode Update 28th October 2022: Vanraj Makes A Startling Decision Under Stress

Anupama Written Episode Update 28th October 2022: Leela becomes angry with Anupama after she refuses to go see the Shahs despite many calls from Vanraj and Leela. Even though Anupama is no longer a DIL of the Shah family, she still has children and should take care of them, according to her. To be honest, according to Kavya, it’s best if Anupama stays away from such a foolish and haughty girl. She is yelled at by Leela to cease defending Anupama. Samar claims that Diwali is tomorrow, yet their home is filled with the sounds of crackers now. Hasmukh claims that Leela and Vanraj coerced him into calling Anupama against his will. Leela is still ranting at Anupama, according to Hasmukh. Anupama enters. If she has time right now, Vanraj inquires. Anupama suggests that instead of wasting time, he records his taunts and transmits them to her.

Anupama Written Episode Update 28th October 2022

Leela then interrupts her. Anupama responds to her appropriately and tells them to get to the topic. Vanraj claims that Barkha went to see them and revealed Adhik’s reality. Leela inquires as to why she kept the truth from them. Anupama claims she never kept anything from the father of her children a secret and only delayed telling him about the situation since she didn’t want to ruin Pakhi for her husband and GK or her younger daughter’s holiday because of her elder daughter. If their pleasure is more important to her than our happiness, Leela queries. Anupama claims that she treats both families equally since Anuj’s happiness is the thing that matters to her the most in the entire world.

Anupama Written Update.

Vanraj then queries how she maintains her composure while learning Adhik’s genuine motivations and seeing a college play drama. Because Adhik told Anuj everything, according to Anupama, she and Anuj are equally worried but wouldn’t scream and get alarmed as they did. According to Hasmukh, a person who doesn’t understand what serenity is would always yell. Leela yells, “Let the peace go to hell!” She is confident that Anupama and Anuj wouldn’t have revealed the truth to them even after Diwali and would have kept them in the dark. If they had been truly worried, Anuj would have expelled Barkha and Adhik from his home, and Anupama wouldn’t have had time to spend in college.

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Anupama advises her to stop making fun of college since she went there to learn, not to waste time, and if they began evicting family members for their sins, only Hasmukh, Jignesh, and Samar would remain at the Shah home. According to her, Leela, Vanraj, and Pakhi committed the most sins and ought to be kicked out of the home first. Vanraj begs her to halt her enlightening responses so they may talk about their next course of action. They should be cool, advises Anupama. Hasmukh claims that the best way to find a solution is to remain calm. How would Anupama feel if she learned that the boy her daughter selected was a phony and a nasty man and that his sister who raised him exposed him? Vanraj asks Anupama.

Anupama Written Update Episode 26th October 2022: Adhik is exposed by Barkha to the Shahs.

After becoming concerned upon hearing this and being forced to bother Anupama while she was attending college, he made the decision to send Pakhi out of state for her studies. Anupama requests that he maintain his calm for two days, after which they will decide on the next step. Pakhi overhears their exchange. Anuj challenges Barkha for damaging Adhik’s reputation in front of Shahs on the opposing side. Barkha claims that she is familiar with Adhik and cannot accept his assurance. How was she asked, Adhik wonders? According to Barkha, Adhik only wants to utilize Pakhi and doesn’t actually love her. Vanraj wants to send Pakhi out of the state for more education, Anupama reports when she gets back.

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Adhik quivered and hugged He is urged by Anuj to act. For the next two days, Anuj begs him to calm down and focus on Diwali; after that, they will determine what to do next. Keep moving forward, advises Anupama; it’s part of life. Pakhi creates rangoli the following day. Kavya explains to her that because Anupama has a lot on her plate, Pakhi should refrain from bothering her for two days and focus on the festival instead. Yes, Pakhi nods. At the Kapadia home, Anupama creates a rangoli. Anuj cries out that he adores Anupama. Anupama remembers the previous Diwali when Vanraj provokes and Anuj confesses his love for Anupama. Since their last Diwali, a lot has changed, according to Anuj. This is also their first Diwali together.

Anupama Written Update Episode 26th October 2022: Adhik is exposed by Barkha to the Shahs.

However, the last Diwali is more meaningful to him because he declared his love for her at that time. After 26 years, Anupama says. Shahs prepare for Diwali and greet one another with pleasant Diwali wishes. This is Toshu’s first Diwali without him, according to Leela. Even without Pari and Kinjal, according to Kavya. Let’s not leave their happiness unfulfilled, urges Hasmukh. Anuj constructs a heart and assists Anupama in making rangoli. In the backdrop, Mastana Mausam Hai Rangeen Nazara is playing. They both spend time together. I love you, he says. I also adore you, she adds. Thank God, he adds, since she said I love you rather than same to you. It was tough for them to express their affection, according to Anupama.

Anupama Aaj Ka Episode

the young generation, however, is very quick. The first to wish them a happy Diwali was little Anu. About Adhik, Anuj inquires. Ankush claims to have left. Anupama becomes worried. Anuj tells Anupama not to worry because Pakhi is at home after speaking with Hasmukh. Anuj and Anupama do the Diwali puja and give the employees presents. Staff acknowledges them. Anupama makes a speech about how the workforce contributes to the success of the business. Anuj declares a two-day break for Diwali and urges the personnel to celebrate at home. Young Anu inquires about Adhik. According to Anuj, he went out to meet his friends. Shahs frequently give presents to the housekeeping workers and watchmen in the area.

Hasmukh is thanked by the watchmen, who claim to be the only ones to provide Diwali shogun in envelopes. As a sign of respect, Hasmukh, Vanraj, and Jignesh give shagun money in sealed envelopes. Anuj does Anupama’s pooja and claims that because they see their daughter, mother, sister, and wife as Grihalaxmi, why can’t he conduct the pooja for his own Grihalaxmi? They each give each other homemade presents and express gratitude. Samar knocks on Pakhi’s door and invites her to leave her room and join the family in celebrating Diwali. Adhik sobs while supine on a park seat while Pakhi observes in silence. Anupama feels that there is a problem.

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