Anupama Written Episode Today November 2022: Upcoming Story

Anupama Written Episode Today 12th November 2022 – 12 November 2022: Little Anu teaches dance to Kapadia men and scolds them when they don’t dance well. Anupama feels happy seeing her little teacher teaching dance. Barkha comments choreography should be improved more. Anupama says it’s just a sangeet ceremony and not a dance competition. Samar messages her asking everyone to visit Shah’s family for the arrangements. Barkha says she will stay back at Kapadia’s house and take care of all arrangements alone there. At Shah’s house, Kinjal wakes up hurriedly hearing the alarm worried for Pari, and finds Toshu comforting Pari. Toshu apologizes to her for entering her room without permission and hands over Pari to her.

Pakhi slips and falls. Vanraj shows his concern for her. Pakhi holds his feet and pleads for forgiveness, but Vanraj refuses to forgive her and walks away. Pakhi breaks down. Samar and Toshu comfort her and ask her to give them some time to Vanraj. They cheer her up. Vanraj smiles seeing that. Kavya smiles at him. Toshu and Samar lift Pakhi and swing her and dance around her. Jhoola Bahon Ka.. song plays in the background. The whole family joins and dances around Pakhi. Anupama kisses Pakhi’s forehead. Leela asks Anupama to speak to Vanraj again and convince him to attend Pakhi’s wedding. Anupama says even if she wants Vanraj to attend his daughter’s wedding, she can request him repeatedly. Pakhi searches for Adhik. Anuj says he is at the office and would be coming soon.

Anupama Written Episode Today 12th November 2022

Anupama Written Episode Update

Anuj walks to Vanraj. Vanraj asks if he also came to convince him. Anuj says no, he wants him to deliver his important business file to Mumbai, he can escape from functions that way. Leela waiting outside asks if he had gone to convince Vanraj or send him away. Anuj says he is using reverse psychology and explains. He then walks to Anupama and gets romantic with her. Pakhi calls Anuj and asks him to return home as she is missing him at the functions. Adhik says he has a client meeting and can’t come before finishing it. Pakhi says he is not a servant and works in a family company. Adhik says he will return as soon as he finishes the business meeting, and she should enjoy it. Pakhi thinks about how to enjoy themself without Vanraj and Adhik.

Barkha calls her and says she personally is taking care of sangeet function arrangements, so she need not worry. Pakhi thanks her. Barkha asks why she sounds low. Pakhi says her mood is off as Adhik hasn’t come yet. Barkha says there are so many employees, but Adhik was forcefully sent to the office. Anupama passes by but doesn’t hear their conversation. Vanraj recalls Kavya’s words that once functions start, nobody will invite him to join them Anuj’s words. The family practices dance. Adhik joins Pakhi. Vanraj walks to them with his bag. Kinjal asks if he is going somewhere. Vanraj says he is going to Mumbai as he neither him nor others can’t be happy if he stays here, so they all shouldn’t expect anything from him; he will attend a wedding to bless.

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He is about to step out when Pakhi sings O Ri Churaiya.. song. She holds his hand and cries. Vanraj also gets emotional. Anupama reminds Vanraj how happy he was when Pakhi was born, how possessive he was of her, and how he used to fulfill her each demand and give her the best she deserves, etc. Everyone gets emotional hearing her emotional speech. Pakhi cries that her papa is the world’s best papa, but she is a disgrace to her father. Vanraj hugs and comforts her. Pakhi says I am sorry papa and I love you. Vanraj says papa loves you more.

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