Anupama (VIDEO) Written Episode Update16th November 2022: Anupama Exposes Pakhi’s Secrets In Front Of Everyone

Anupama (VIDEO) Written Episode Update16th November 2022: Pakhi pleads with Anupama not to cancel her wedding. Anupama recites a poem in her mind describing the qualities of a mother, how a mother immensely loves her children and becomes tough to get them back on track. She opens the door and returns to the party venue where everyone is dancing to Tamma Tamma.. song. Pakhi pleads again not to spoil everyone’s happiness. Anupama shouts to stop the music and switch on the lights. Vanraj asks what happened. Anuj ends the party and requests the guests to leave. Pakhi tells Vanraj what Anupama said. Anupama says Pakh’s wedding is canceled. Vanraj asks for a reason.

Anupama (VIDEO) Written Episode Update16th November 2022

Anupama says how many mistakes shall she count and describes how ungrateful, arrogant, stubborn, and greedy Pakhi is; how she disrespected Anuj and Devika’s hard by joking over it, disrespected her grandmother and uncle in front of guests, how she tried bought jewelry worth lakhs, etc. Leela asks what is wrong if a kid took 1-2 lakhs’ worth of jewelry. Anupama shows the bill and says she bought jewelry worth 60 lakhs. Everyone stand shocked hearing that.

Anupama tells Pakhi that her husband accepted Hasmukh’s request because of her and tried his best to fulfill Pakhi’s demands, but ungrateful and greedy Pakhi wants more. She says it would have been better if she would have disowned Pakhi as Vanraj did; parents should pose a condition that they will support their children only if they receive respect in return, but parents won’t do that as they love their children immensely. She continues to pour her heart out and describes how people will question a mother’s upbringing, etc., etc.

Leela says Pakhi and Samar are children of the same parents, but Pakhi is so arrogant and greedy. Kavya says Toshu reformed himself, but Pakhi won’t. Devika says Anupama had to struggle for everything, but Pakhi got everything served on a plate and didn’t value it. Anupama continues her speech and says Pakhi married Adhik going against everyone, but she doesn’t respect even him just within a week of marriage. She says Adhik reformed himself, but how will they reform their daughter? She reveals that Pakhi told that just like her mother married a rich man and became rich, even she married a rich boy and became rich.

Anupama Written Episode Today November 2022: Upcoming Story

She says women now think of becoming self-dependent and not dependent on any man; women used to marry elite officers earlier to enjoy a lavish life, but now women themselves become officers, etc. Anuj tells Pakhi that since she is Anupama’s daughter, he can forgive her for any mistake but not this one. Anupama says the situation has crossed its limits now.



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