Anupama (Today) Written Update Episode 10th November 2022: Barkha Changes Her Attitude Towards Pakhi And Adhik

Anupama (Today) Written Update Episode 10th November 2022: Kavya informs Vanraj that Pakhi would be staying at Shah’s house before her wedding as per Leela’s order. Vanraj surprised asks if the wedding will happen at Shah’s house. Kavya says his princess’ Doli/palanquin would leave his house. Vanraj nervously says he would go somewhere then and would return after marriage. Kavya says it’s his daughter’s marriage. Vanraj says Pakhi is no more his daughter. Kavya asks him to stop running around as he may have to face his daughter one day for sure, blood relationships can’t be forgone, and when he forgave Toshu, why can’t he forgive Pakhi? Vanraj leaves. Kavya fears Vanraj may really not attend the wedding.

Anuj excitedly informs Anupama that he has finalized arrangements for all the pre-wedding events. Anupama says she knows he considers Pakhi as his daughter and Hasmukh gave him responsibility and hence he wants to fulfill his responsibility wholeheartedly, but children whether they get punished for their misbehavior or not, shouldn’t get a reward for their misbehavior. Anuj nods yes. Anupama says whatever he is doing for Sweety is fair enough and Sweety should understand that she doesn’t have any right in this house.

Anuj says when Pakhi has the right to her mother and this house belongs to her mother, then this house also belongs to Pakhi. Anupama asks which girl stays at her mother’s house after marriage and if it is her in-law’s house, which girl gets adamant immediately after entering it; a stubborn child never grows and even Sweety hasn’t, and if they fulfill all her wishes, he would never grow at all.

Anupama (Today) Written Update Episode 10th November 2022

Anupama (Today) Written Update Episode 10th November 2022

Pakhi frustratedly packs her clothes to shift to Shah’s house. Adhik tries to calm her down. Pakhi says she would have shifted to Shah’s house on the morning of the wedding, but Leela and Anupama can’t see her happiness. Adhik says they would enjoy a brief separation phase before the wedding. Barkha walks in and offers jewelry to Pakhi. She acts emotional and says she can’t ignore the fact that her brother whom she considers as her son is married and she can’t miss his happiest moments, she is still not happy with this marriage, but will try to be happy for her brother’s sake. Adhik emotionally hugs her and apologizes. Barkha says she had bought all these jewelry sets for Adhik’s wife. Pakhi opens her eyes wide in greed.

Anupama says they admire others’ lavish life when their pocket is small. Anuj says he agrees Pakhi and Adhik made mistakes and are children, even then he wanted to do something for Anupama’s daughter and Barkha’s brother. Anupama says if he really wants to do something for them, he should kick them out of the house and let them face the realities of life and stand on their feet. Barkha tells Pakhi that she had a lot of dreams regarding her brother’s wedding, but his marriage is happening at Shah’s house; she is happy that Pakhi gave Adhik her prewedding list and they can enjoy it at least.

Adhik senses her intentions and tells Pakhi that they already had many expenses and there is no reason for spending more. Barkha says when Anuj doesn’t have any problem, why he has a problem? Adhik says they shouldn’t be too dependent on Anuj as he already let them stay at his house, gave him a job, and got them married and they don’t deserve it more. He tells Pakhi that she should always remember that he stays at Kapadia’s house but is not a Kapadia, he is a middle-class boy who works at Anuj’s company.

Bakha says he is not a Kapadia, but Anupama is and Pakhi is Anupama’s daughter, and when Anupama in the future can perform Little Anu’s wedding in a lavish way, why can’t she perform Pakhi’s wedding in a lavish way. Anupama says instead of spending lavishly on Pakhi and Adhik’s wedding, he can invest that money in their name or keep it aside for Pakhi’s higher studies as only a degree will work and not a designer lehenga in the future. Anuj says even then. Anupama says she doesn’t feel right seeing all the recent events. Pakhi overhears their conversation.

Anupama (Today) Written Update Episode 10th November 2022

Samar and Toshu return home. Leela asks if Pakhi didn’t come. Samar says she will come with Anupama. Leela asks how are the wedding arrangements at Kapadia’s house. Samar says they are setting a stage on fire, it’s their turn here. They all joke. Kavya fears that Vanraj has already left home. Vanraj walks to Toshu and gives him the phone. Anupama tells Anuj that he is a good man, but Pakhi should understand that his father wouldn’t have organized a lavish wedding but the best he could according to his budget, he should spend money on the children’s happiness and not their abstinence.

He says he will consult his investment advisor and plan something for Adhik and Pakhi and would perform their wedding like our wedding in a simple way. GK calls Anuj and leaves. Pakhi burns in anger hearing that and walks to Anupama. Vanraj informs the family that Toshu got a job call. Toshu rejects the offer and says he can’t join work tomorrow forgoing Pakhi’s wedding. Vanraj says he should have told them that he would join after the wedding. Toshu says he doesn’t have the mood to work. Hasmukh asks for no mood or no courage.

Toshu says when Vanraj is also not working, then why is everyone behind him? Vanraj says he is trying to get a job each day, but he worked for 35 years and saved enough to manage a house without work; he achieved a lot and would achieve in the future, but he lost a job and had no determination. Toshu says he lost his determination and fears how would he face the world if he gets any more trouble. Vanraj says there would be trouble with each opportunity and opportunity with each trouble, so he shouldn’t lose his courage and just pray Kanhaji and keep trying.

Leela says he has double the responsibilities of Kinjal and Pari on him. Kinjal says she and Pari do not object and that Toshu takes responsibility, lets Toshu work for himself and she will take care of herself and her daughter’s responsibilities. She says she would be joining her mom as she needs to take care of her mom’s business in the future. Vanraj asks what exactly would she do. Kinjal says she would take up 50% responsibility for Dave’s coaching classes and handle business outside Ahmedabad. Leela asks who will take care of Pari, does she want Pari to crave her mother as she did in her childhood? Kinjal says she will work from home and visit the office once in a while. Kavya praises her decision. Kinjal says she needs to work bearing all the difficulties.

Anupama (Today) Written Update Episode 10th November 2022

Pakhi starts her misbehavior with Anupama and yells why she has a problem when Anuj doesn’t have a problem spending; it may be unnecessary spending for Anupama, but for her, it’s fulfilling her dreams; would Anupama give a lecture and have a problem spending during Little Anu’s marriage. Anupama warns her to mind her tongue and says there wouldn’t unnecessary spending in any wedding, warns her not to drag Little Anu repeatedly into her issue, and stop misbehaving with her mother. She says she is brainless but should understand that spending lakhs for just a few social media posts is foolishness. Pakhi says Anupama can’t tolerate that Pakhi shifted to Kapadia’s house after marriage and became a Kapadia bahu.

Anupama asks what is her husband’s name. Pakhi says Adhik Mehta. Pakhi asks how did she become a Kapadia bahu. she says whatever it is, whether Anupama considers it or not, she herself considers herself a Kapadia bahu, and a rich family bahu’s marriage cannot happen in a simple way. Their argument continues. Pakhi says Anupama is jealous of her own daughter. Anupama warns her to stop. Pakhi says she won’t and walks away. Barkha enjoys watching their drama from a distance.

Anupama gets sad recalling Pakhhi’s words. Little Anu walks to her and offers her tamarind toffee. Anupama feels relaxed. After some time, Pakhi walks out with her bag. Anupama offers her planetary/sari and bangles. Pakhi rudely asks if she seriously giving a cheap gift. Anuj says it’s a tradition. Pakhi says they shouldn’t force tradition on them while they are way ahead now. She complains that Anupama brought a cheap sari and bangle, and her friends would laugh at her. Little Anu says she liked it. Pakhi yells to stop interfering and insists on a designer planetary. Barkha grins.

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