Anupama 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Cuts All Ties With Pakhi

Anupama Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022: Pakhi is asked by Vanraj to leave Shah’s home and Start Over. He says that although she couldn’t be a decent daughter, she could be a good wife; he believed Adhik was unsuitable for her, but she deserved Adhik, and she should live out the rest of her days in her husband’s home. He is urged not to do that by Anupama.

According to Leela, her daughter’s bidayi is done and she is not expelled. A daughter who has already left home, in Vanraj’s view, does not merit bidayi. Vanraj is also urged by Kavya to cool off and refrain from making a snap decision. Mrs. Pakhi Adhik Mehta runs out of my house, and Vanraj yells. Pakhi remembers her relationship with Anuj while running backward. In the background, Teri Yaad Ki Mai Chodungi Na Tera Haath is playing.

Anupama Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022

Written Episode 

Pakhi with Adhik picks her stuff in and keeps it back in her bag. Anupama cries. A sad poem plays in the background. When Anupama starts crying, Anuj sees and tells Pakhi and Adhik to leave the items so they may pick them up later. Pakhi wails that her father expelled her from the home. Adhik says that they thought their family would accept us when they returned home after getting married, but instead, they expelled us from the home.

Pakhi always humiliated her mother and criticized even her right decision, but today she wants her mother to support her wrong decision. Pakhi and Adhik readily admitted to being afraid if they believe only they can feel fear and emotion and not their parents. Anuj queries if they thought elders would celebrate and why young people never tried to understand their parents. Pakhi and Adhika beg him to assist them.

Aaj ka Anupama Written Episode

Anupama Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022

They must sit on a lawn, per Anuj. The family makes an effort to soothe Vanraj. He is fine, Kavya asks. Next, Hasmukh consoles Vannraj. Vanraj sobs and says, “I wanted a daughter when Toshu and Samar were born. I loved Pakhi so much and had dreamed of giving her the best education she deserves and then getting married to a good family, but my daughter didn’t even complete her basic studies,” he was heartbroken when Toshu and Samar were born.

When kids stop gripping their parents’ fingers, Hasmukh advises parents to teach their kids that both their wise decisions and mistakes belong to them. He explains that just as the family accepted the connections of Toshu and Kinjal and Vanraj and Pakhi, so too should Vanraj support Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage as connections are like permanent lines that cannot be erased.

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Anupama Written Episode

Adhik and Pakhi are asked if they are happy now that they have disrupted the life of their families. Anuj says that while Barkha may accept Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage, Ankush will never do so. Vanraj is told by Hasmukh that he must accept Pakhi. Samar, Leela, and Kavya also make examples-based pleas to Vanraj to accept them. Leela says that she has forewarned them to get married before they do something weird.

As Pakhi’s parents, Vanraj and Anupama must now make a decision according to Kavya. We can’t just let them be, as per Samar. What if Pakhi and Adhik had gone somewhere else instead of coming home? They should remember their position when Toshu departed with Pari. We shouldn’t just forgive them, we should abandon them as well. If we don’t hold them, they would repeat their error.

He asserts that as Pakhi’s parents, Anupama and Vanraj should make a decision after carefully considering all the options. Pakhi sobs and asks Adhik if getting married was a mistake. Adhik replies “no,” confident that Anuj will help them. Vanraj says that they did as they pleased, and that going forward, he will follow suit; if they don’t modify their minds, so will he.

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