Anupama Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022: Hasmukh’s Request For Anuj And Anupama

Anupama Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022: Vanraj announces that Pakhi will not return to Shah’s house and he doesn’t need any argument from his family. Anuj requests him to listen to him once. Vanraj says if he is favoring Adhik and Pakhi, he should support them also as he already was supporting Adhik. He says he knows he warned him not to dare not try to act like his children’s father, but today he wants him to become Pakhi’s father and not expect anything from him as he can’t forgive them and never accept their marriage.

Hasmukh tells Anuj that Vanraj is in not a condition to understand anything, but since Anuj can understand, he requests Anuj to take Pakhi’s responsibility. He says he can’t keep Pakhi at Shah’s house due to Vanraj’s anger, so he wants Anuj to keep her at his house. Leela, Kavya, and Samar also request Anuj and Anupama to take up Pakhi’s responsibility.

Anupama Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022

Anupama Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022

Hasmukh says anyways Anupama’s sasural is even Pakhi’s sasural now. Samar says now Anupama has to handle everything now. Hasmukh says Anupama is shattered at this time, but she has to handle kids. Kavya says Anuj and Anupama have to face the toughest situation even this time. Hasmukh says the Shah family’s daughter’s responsibility is on Anuj and Anupama now and he is sure they wouldn’t disappoint him. Anuj asks Kavya to handle Vanraj. Anupama prays to god to give them the strength to handle new relationships created in the new year.

Kavya says when a daughter becomes a bride, a mother does her bidayi/farewell, but Anupama has to perform her daughter’s Graha Pravesh. Anupama wakes up Pakhi and Adhik. Pakhi and Adhik ask where would they go now as Vanraj disowned them. Anupama says they all 5 will go home. Pakhi asks if she forgave them. Anupama says she didn’t and even they both shouldn’t forgive themselves. She gives them a long speech that they don’t have a shelter of their own, even then they took a decision to marry and took their parents for granted and trouble them, etc.

Anupama Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022

She says if she forgives Pakhi, she will be her normal arrogant self and curse and misbehave with her mother. Pakhi asks if Vanraj will not forgive her. Anupama says never. Anuj says let us go. Pakhi struggles to pick up her suitcase. Anuj tries to help her. Anupama says to let them handle their own burden. Anuj says he will bring Little Anu who has gone to play at her friend’s house. Pakhi drops her suitcase unable to bear its weight. Adhik helps her. Kavya watching this with their family says Anupama knows what she is doing. Anupama gets into the car. Adhik and Pakhi keep suitcases in dickie and get into the car. Anuj and Little Anu join them.

Kavya says there was one drama here and one would start at Shah’s house. Samar says he can’t see his sister going like this and rushes towards the car. Hasmukh says it’s a brother’s concern for his sister. Samar shows his emotions for Pakhi. He scolds Pakhi that he is angry with her for her biggest mistake. Adhik assures him that he will take care of pakhi. Samar hugs Pakhi and suggests she obey Anupama at least now. They get back into the car. Anupama drives a car. Little Anu asks Pakhi if she will stay with them from heroin. Anuj says yes. Little Anu says they will enjoy it a lot.

Precap: Barkha vents out her anger on Adhik and Pakhi and challenges that their wedding will not see its first anniversary. Anupama tells Anuj that he has taken Adhik and Pakhi responsibility for Hasmukh’s requests and himself should handle them.

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