Airtel Wrong Recharge Reversal Process 2022

Airtel Wrong Recharge Reversal Process 2022: Friends, it also happens many times that the wrong number is recharged in a hurry by the users or the retailer. In such a situation, if you do a wrong recharge, you or that retailer can also suffer a lot. In today’s article, we are going to tell you that if you recharge on the wrong number in Airtel, then how can you correct it, or how bring it back? It also happens at times that in a small recharge, sometimes users neglect to reverse that transaction but when it comes to quarterly or yearly plans they have to suffer for recharging the wrong airtel phone number.

Hence, the company has come up with ways to rectify recharge transactions to protect against user recharge issues. For wrong recharge reversal, you can solve this wrong number recharge of airtel number by contacting airtel or customer care service by text SMS. In such a situation you will need Airtel’s wrong recharge reversal process in 2022 to fix this problem. There are 3 methods of airtel wrong recharge reversal, which are mentioned below. To learn airtel’s wrong recharge reversal process well, it is very important that you read this carefully from beginning to end.

  • Method 1:   By contacting Airtel Customer Care
  • Method 2:  WRR (Wrong Recharge Reversal Airtel) by using SMS format
  • Method 3:  Airtel Wrong Recharge Reversal Process Using Mitra App

Contact Customer Care For Airtel Wrong Recharge Reversal

For airtel’s wrong recharge reversal by dialing the airtel customer care number or contacting airtel customer care via mail you can help to solve airtel’s wrong recharge problem. After proper verification by the airtel support team, you will get your money back in the correct airtel phone number as recharge. But friends, in this case, it is a time-consuming process and if the wrong recharge balance is used by a person, then the chances of that transaction being refunded are slightly less.

You can use the wrong recharge reversal airtel text messaging service for an instant solution or else you can directly visit the nearest airtel store/help center to get this issue resolved.

Friends, before fixing the problem of the wrong recharge, there is some information that you must have. In the absence of this, you will not be able to do the airtel recharge revaluation process.

Before fixing this problem you need to collect this information:-

  • Your correct airtel phone number
  • Wrong phone number (which has been recharged by mistake)
  • Zodiac
  • Transaction ID

Airtel Wrong Recharge Reversal Via SMS Format

Airtel users can use the text SMS process to fix the wrong Airtel recharge problem in the Airtel prepaid number. Users can send text SMS and the format to send this SMS is given below:-

WRR <Wrong Number> Space <Transaction ID> Space <Amount> Space <Correct Number>, And Send SMS to 51619.

For Example:-

WRR 9936XXXXXX 160853583XXXXX 598 9763XXXXXX

This SMS procedure will help you to transfer Airtel’s wrong number recharge balance to the correct Airtel number.

Airtel Wrong Recharge Reversal Through Mitra App

If you have used the Mitra app to do the Airtel recharge plan then it is easy for you to reverse Airtel recharge. For this, you follow the steps given below:-

  • First of all, navigate to “My Transactions” > “Recent Transactions”.
  • Then click on ‘Wrong Airtel Recharge’.
  • After this, you can now view the phone number, and edit it by entering the correct airtel phone number.
  • Friends, it may take 15 minutes or sometimes more time to reverse the recharge request.

Note:- Friends, before correcting the Airtel wrong recharge problem, you should keep in mind that you can rectify the wrong number by all these methods given above within 24 hours and before using the recharge balance Airtel By doing the wrong recharge process your airtel recharge will be reversed otherwise, it is difficult to fix that wrong recharge.

Important Questions Regarding Airtel Wrong Recharge Reversal

How Can I Talk To An Airtel Customer Care Executive?

To talk to an airtel executive, from your mobile, dial 121 and follow the instructions that will help you talk to a customer care executive.

Can We Change Our Airtel Plan After Recharge?

For this, first, you need to download and install the “My Airtel App” on your smartphone and then use your phone number to set up this app. Then tap the three horizontal dots in the corner area of the app. And then from here, from the pop-up menu, choose Change plan.

How Can We Claim Airtel’s Wrong Recharge Amount?

To claim Airtel’s wrong recharge you simply type the wrong recharge reversal airtel 2022 code in the above-mentioned SMS format. Eg – WRR [space] Transaction ID [space] Wrong number [space] Right number and then send via text message to 51619 number. By doing this airtel wrong recharge reversal process 2022, you will be able to reverse the wrong recharge successfully.

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