Airtel To Jio Port Offer 2022

Airtel To Jio Port Offer 2022: Hello friends, Presently all the operators in the field of Telecom are constantly striving to add new customers to their network by providing better offers and services than their competitors. Due to difficulties like poor network, many users are not happy with their existing network provider and want to change their network. If you are an existing Airtel customer and you don’t want to use airtel network for any reason, and want to change it and if you want to port your airtel sim to jio, then in today’s article we are going to give you airtel to jio going to tell about the port offer 2022.

Today we will know how we can port our existing airtel sim number to jio. Yes friends, if you are an existing Airtel customer and want to port your airtel number to Jio then don’t worry about losing your number. Because “Mobile Number Portability” is a great option in which you do not even need to change any number and you can take another company’s SIM without changing the number and there is no doubt about it. Read this complete article to know how we can port Airtel to Jio.

What Is Required To Port Airtel To Jio?

Before porting our airtel sim to jio it is also very important for us to know what we need to port our airtel sim number to jio which we need. In order to port your airtel sim to jio, the following are the prerequisites, which you must read:-

  • First: The Airtel number you want to port to Jio must be 90 days old.
  • Second: If you want to port the postpaid number, then first you need to pay the dues.
  • Third: As documents, you should have valid documents like a Voter ID card, Aadhar card, Driving license.

Benefits Of Porting Airtel To Jio

If you port any of your SIM to any other network, then that network provider provides you some benefit for this. Let us know what are the benefits of porting Airtel to Jio. It has the following advantages:-

  • First: Easy Porting Process
  • And the second benefit: Access to exclusive Jio MNP plans
  • Third: No charge for porting your SIM
  • Fourth: Access to many third party streaming applications

How To Port Airtel Sim Number To Jio?

We have already given you information about the benefits of porting from Airtel to Jio and the documents required for porting. Let us now know how we can port our airtel sim number to jio. Below is the complete process, you should read it carefully and follow:-

The process to port Airtel to Jio:

  • Step 1. First of all, you type the PORT space 10 digits “phone number” from the airtel number in the SMS box and send it to “1900”.
  • For example: If your number is “xxxxxxxxxx” then the format of your message will be:- [port “xxxxxxxxxx”] and now send it to 1900.
  • Step 2. After this, an SMS will come on the same number in which you will get UPC (Unique Porting Code) written.
  • Step 3. This UPC (Unique Porting Code) remains valid for 15 days after which it is canceled. So use it within 15 days.
  • Step 4. Now for porting you visit Jio customer service center/retailer and ask the Jio customer officer to port your SIM number.
  • Step 5. After this, a form will be filled out for which you will need the necessary documents and UPC code. Provide them with the UPC code and required documents.
  • Step 6. After filling out the form, you will be given a Jio SIM, which will be activated in 4 to 5 days.

When the network disappears from your old sim, your new jio sim will be activated. When the network disappears then you remove the old sim from your mobile and put the new sim of jio in the mobile. And if you are facing any kind of problem then you contact jio customer care number.


Few Questions Related To Porting:-

  • Que. How do we know if our airtel number is ported or not?

Ans. When the network will disappear from your old sim number, then you can check by inserting a new jio sim card.


  • Que. In how many days will this porting process be completed?

Ans. By the way, the process of porting is completed in 4 to 7 days. But in many cases, it is completed in 3 to 4 days and sometimes it can take 7 days.


  • Que. How much is the charge for porting a mobile phone number?

Ans. Currently, Jio is not charging any porting charges but if you get it done by any retailer then they may charge you some.

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We hope that you have learned to port your Airtel number to Jio. In today’s article, we have told you how you can port Airtel to Jio and what are the documents required for this. The information we have shared with you in this article is based on internet research. If you have any doubt about this article or if you have any questions or queries, then you can comment in our comment box. We hope that today’s information will be useful for you.


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