Airtel Rs 5 SMS Pack Code 2022

Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack Code 2022: Hello friends, as you know Airtel is one of the largest telecom operators. Today Airtel has millions of users all over the world. If you are also an airtel user and you are looking for an airtel 5 Rs SMS pack code i.e. you are in search of an airtel SMS pack code at a cheap rate then you have come to the right place because in this article we will give you one of airtel Cheap SMS pack code. We Are is going to provide you complete information about the Rs 5 SMS code. We think Airtel Rs 5 SMS pack code can be a good idea for you. Although getting this offer of Airtel may be a bit difficult, for this you have to use the Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack code2022. To get complete information about Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack code, read this article carefully:-

What Is Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack Code 2022?

5 Rs SMS pack code in airtel is one such code/number by which you can easily get one SMS pack on your airtel number for just Rs.5. If for some reason you don’t want to buy Airtel’s expensive SMS pack offer then this Rs 5 SMS pack offer from Airtel can be a good offer for you, you can get an SMS pack on your airtel sim number for just Rs 5. Now we need to see how we can get this “Airtel Rs 5 SMS Pack” so let us know how you can get this offer from airtel. To know this, you should read this article completely and read it carefully.

How Can We Activate Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack?

Activating Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack is not a difficult task. You can easily activate it. To activate the “Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack” read and follow the steps given below carefully:-

  • Step 1. First, you open the dialer app on your mobile phone,
  • Step 2. Now dial *121* in your mobile dialer, and press the call button,
  • Step 3. Now here you will see a dialog box open on your mobile screen,
  • Step 4. In this, you press 1 and click on the “Send” button,
  • Step 5. After this another dialog will appear, in this, you press 7 and click on the “Send” button,
  • Step 6. Now you will see another dialog box in which you press 4 and again click on the “Send” button,
  • Step 7. Then finally, press 3 and click on the Send button to view your airtel SMS pack.

After doing this you can choose an “Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack” and you can see and choose your other favorite airtel SMS pack.

Why Choose An Airtel SMS Pack Of Rs 5?

You can also choose this SMS pack from Airtel because this SMS pack of Rs 5 from Airtel is much cheaper than other SMS plans of Airtel. This can be a better option for you and it is also the cheapest SMS pack from Airtel. And if you go to find another such SMS plan, then it may happen that you may not get such an SMS pack from other telecom companies. And if you need SMS service on your Airtel SIM number for a limited time then this Airtel Rs 5 SMS pack can be a profitable and affordable plan for you.

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Does The Rs 5 SMS Pack Really Still Exist?

Recently Airtel has updated its pricing plan. And after the change in the pricing plan of Airtel, this Rs 5 SMS plan of Airtel is no longer available. So as per our internet research, currently “Airtel Rs 5 SMS Pack Code” will not work to get this airtel 5 Rs SMS pack. You can still easily activate the SMS service on your Airtel number, but now Airtel is no longer available to give you the benefit of a Rs 5 SMS pack.


In this article, we have shared information about the Airtel Rs 5 SMS pack with you and told you how you can use the Airtel rs 5 SMS pack. And in what ways you can activate the Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack. And you can use this service of Airtel according to the given information. While taking this information, you should keep in mind that such services provided by any network operator change from time to time. Therefore, before using this information, you must confirm it. All the information given in this article is based on internet research only. For more information related to this, you can also visit the official website of the service provider

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