Airtel Message Center Number 2022

Airtel Message Center Number 2022: Hello friends, as you know airtel is a very big and very popular telecom brand. And airtel provides many facilities for its users and the airtel message centre number (smsc) facility is also one of the other best features of airtel. And this message center number (smsc) facility of Airtel is made available by Airtel for both its Indian and International users. Airtel has provided different message center numbers for every state of India, which you can easily use. In today’s article, we will know what is this smsc facility of airtel and why it is used. And if you do not know how to use it or how to change it on your mobile then you read this article completely. So let’s know what is Airtel Message Center Number Facility:-

What Is Airtel Message Center (SMSC) Service?

So friends, are you also facing any problem in sending SMS from your airtel number? If yes, then do not worry friends because to get rid of this problem Airtel has provided Airtel SMS service for its users.

Friends, if you are also facing problems in sending your SMS, that is, the messages you are sending are not being delivered and the other person is not getting your message. For this problem, you may need to change the SMSC number for the message setting in your mobile phone. Friends SMSC number means “Short Message Service Center” number. Airtel forwards all the messages with the help of this SMSC number. We hope you have understood what Airtel Message Center Number Facility (SMSC) is and why it is used.

Airtel Message Centre Number (SMSC)

Airtel provides different message center numbers (smsc) for each state of India. This message center number facility of Airtel not only in India but also for countries outside India, Airtel provides different Message Center Number (SMSC) numbers. If you also need to change the message center number (SMSC) number of Airtel, then you can see the Airtel message center number of your state from the following airtel message center numbers:-

All Airtel Message Center Numbers (SMSC Number) List For Indian Users

As we told you Airtel has provided different Airtel Message Centre numbers for different states in India. Below we have given different airtel message centre numbers for different states of India, you can use it by looking at the airtel message center number (SMSC) of your state.

SMSC Number For Andhra Pradesh+919849087001
SMSC Number For Assam+919818023015
SMSC Number For Bihar+919831029416
SMSC Number For Chhattisgarh+919845086020
SMSC Number For Delhi+919810051914
SMSC Number For Gujarat+919831029416
SMSC Number For Jammu & Kashmir+919845086007
SMSC Number For Jharkhand+919845086020
SMSC Number For Karnataka+919845086007
SMSC Number For Kerala+919810051905
SMSC Number For Kolkata+919845086007
SMSC Number For Maharashtra+919898051916
SMSC Number For Madhya Pradesh+919845086020
SMSC Number For Mumbai+919898051916
SMSC Number For Orissa+919818023015
SMSC Number For Punjab+919815051914
SMSC Number For Rajasthan+919815051914
SMSC Number For Telangana+919849087001
SMSC Number For Tamil Nadu+919898051914
SMSC Number For West Bengal+919932029007


Airtel Service Center Number For International Users

Airtel also provides a Message Center Number (SMSC) for its international users. Here we have written some international airtel message center numbers for you, you can also use them according to your need:-

SMSC Number For Airtel Nigeria+2348020000009
SMSC Number For Airtel UAE+233244550190000
SMSC Number For Airtel Uganda+25675010004
SMSC Number For Airtel Kuwait+96596000303


How to get a Message Center Number (SMSC) number in Airtel?

You can get an airtel SMSC number for your airtel number as per your region. And this is not a very difficult task, you can easily get an airtel message number according to your region.

To get an airtel smsc number according to your region, you have to dial *#*#4636#*#* from the calling app of your mobile, and after doing this you will see some options. And now you have to select the desired options to know what is the SMSC number of your airtel sim card number.

In this way, you can easily get the airtel smsc number of your area easily.

How to Change Airtel Message Center Number (SMSC Number)?

Above we have seen how to get an airtel smsc number, now we have to see how we can update/change the airtel smsc number. Let us see how to change the airtel message center number:-

  • Step 1. First of all, open the dialing app on your mobile phone.
  • Step 2. Now you dial *#*#4636#*#* in it.
  • Step 3. After doing this you will see a flash message on your mobile screen with many options.
  • Step 4. Here you have to tap on “Phone Information” and then navigate for SMSC.
  • Step 5. Now click on refresh, and enter your new SMSC number.
  • Step 6. Now click on the “Update” button to successfully set a new airtel smsc number for the airtel sim number.

So in this way you can easily update the message center number (SMSC number) of your airtel sim card by following these steps.

What is a Message Center Number (SMSC) iPhone?

You can easily use the SMSC service (Message Center Service) on your Apple Smartphone.

For this you have to set the smsc number given below:-

**5005*7672*12063130004# is the number (SMSC number) of the iPhone Message Center. And with the help of this number, you can easily activate smsc service on your iPhone.

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In today’s article, we have told you about the smsc number of airtel and also a list of different states has also been provided to you. This smsc number service is issued by airtel with a view to providing reliable service to its customers. The information shared by us with you is based on internet research and if you have any doubts about this article or you have any queries, then you can comment on us in the comment box.


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